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About Cantrell McCulloch Inc.

Trusted Property Tax Consultants
Trusted Property Tax Consultants

Cantrell McCulloch, Inc. (CMI) is a professional corporation dedicated to providing superior ad valorem tax consulting services at a reasonable price. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients in order to find the most favorable solutions for their property tax needs.

Are Property Taxes Eroding Your Profits?

Property taxes have become one of the most significant factors affecting the profitability, operations, marketing and ultimately, the value of commercial real estate and business personal property. In fact, property taxes are the largest expense item.

To achieve long-term success, it is critical that this expense be minimized. Yet without extensive local market knowledge, appraisal expertise and a disciplined approach to aggressive valuation negotiation, many property and business owners are unable to effectively manage and control their property taxes. As a result, many businesses inadvertently overpay their property taxes each year. Property taxes is an expense that can be controlled.

Review Process

CMI leaves no stone unturned when investigating potential tax savings opportunities. We review all available information, identify key issues, conduct on-site property inspections, ask questions, and raise red flags where appropriate.

CMI explores every available means to find the best solution for the issues at hand and we are conscientious about delivering what we promise.

By assessing both the present and projected future income-producing capacity of your property, analyzing comparable data, and reviewing comparable area properties to formulate a fair and equitable valuation study, CMI will develop a thorough evidentiary case to aggressively negotiate a fair and equitable assessment on your behalf.

Fee Options

Recognizing that each client’s issues and needs are unique, CMI offers flexible fee options based upon performance, and/or an annual retainer, and most prevalent for larger properties, performance based fee with a mutually agreeable maximum fee per property. Our goal is not only to provide value-added tax consulting services for our clients, but also to structure fee arrangements that promote a long-term partnership. In the end, CMI saves you time, money and personnel.

Our Team

Our team of licensed Senior Property Tax Consultants, General Real Estate Appraisers, CMIs, and MAIs, combine their technical expertise to discover and analyze the critical factors affecting current and future tax liabilities.

Our Services

CMI assumes responsibility for the entire appeal process, including strategic planning, research, case preparation, expert witness testimony, litigation support and all communication with assessors, appeal boards and courts.   > LEARN MORE

Client Testimonials

We love getting feedback from valued clients.  Hear what some of our clients are saying about CMI and their experience working with our team.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Cantrell McCulloch Inc. is to work in partnership with our clients in order to find the most favorable solutions for their property tax needs. Working together, we can control and minimize your tax burden, enhance the value of your assets and reduce operating costs and internal overhead.