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Property Tax Solutions for Commercial Property and Business Owners

Cantrell McCulloch, Inc. (CMI) is a professional corporation dedicated to providing superior ad valorem tax consulting services at a reasonable price. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with our clients in order to find the most favorable solutions for their property tax needs.

Why Choose Cantrell McCulloch?

Our family style business philosophy has evolved as CMI has grown (all organically) into the second largest property tax consulting group in Texas. Our recent affiliation with the National Property Tax Group only enhances our appeal by enabling us to now represent institutional owners with their nationwide portfolios.

In 2023, CMI represented over $52.5 billion in commercial property assessments, resulting in actual tax savings to our clients of over $135 million. Below are some of our areas of expertise.

Multi-Family Housing

For 2023 tax year, we represented approximately 1,953 multi-family housing properties (303,000 +/-) units) across 80 Texas counties & in 12 states, valued in excess of $41.4 billion.

Business Personal Property

CMI offers complete business personal property tax consulting services to our valued clientele; from start-up’s to Fortune 500 businesses, we can help.

Vacant Land

We also represent vacant land owners throughout the entire property tax appeal process. 


CMI represents a wide variety of office, retail and industrial properties with a total value of more than $5 billion.


Cantrell McCulloch assists many large, national hotel brands realize millions on property tax savings each year. 


Our services also apply to a wide variety of other businesses and assets from aircraft and golf courses to restaurants and nursing homes. 

Are Property Taxes Eroding Your Profits?

Property taxes have become one of the most significant factors affecting the profitability, operations, marketing and ultimately, the value of commercial real estate and business personal property. In fact, property taxes are the largest expense item.
We can help minimize your tax burden and enhance the value of your assets. Call Us Today at (214) 368-5566, ext. 338

Why Use a Tax Consultant?

There are many good reasons you should consider thoroughly evaluating your real estate or personal property assessments. There are many reduction opportunities available to taxpayers that could result in significant improvement to your company’s bottom line.


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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Cantrell McCulloch Inc. is to work in partnership with our clients in order to find the most favorable solutions for their property tax needs. Working together, we can control and minimize your tax burden, enhance the value of your assets and reduce operating costs and internal overhead.

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