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Business Personal Property

CMI Property Tax Consultants

BPPOur high percentage of success is based on knowledge and application of all the components required to produce a successful case:

  1. Solid evidence (often requires a physical site evaluation)
  2. Intricate knowledge of the tax laws and statutes
  3. Knowledge of historical treatment of similar issues by appraisers or courts
  4. Professional case document presentation
  5. Successful presentation and negotiation history with the appraisal authorities
  6. Deep database for comparison figures

Our consulting and valuation experience covers a wide variety of unique assets. We gather information from you, apply the methodology that accurately reflects your tax liability and present your evidence to the taxing authorities in a clear, concise and non­ confrontational manner.

We specialize in the reduction of unique personal property assets and maintain a deep database of comparable assets to prove the “fair market value”. We look at how your inventory is booked, the quality of your last appraisal, what property you own that doesn’t move quickly. but is necessary to use as spares, check to see if there are any branding issues and physically walk through the property to ensure that we are not missing any avenue for tax savings. These are some of the detailed steps we take to effectuate your refund.

Are Property Taxes Eroding Your Profits?

Property taxes have become one of the most significant factors affecting the profitability, operations, marketing and ultimately, the value of commercial real estate and business personal property. In fact, property taxes are the largest expense item.
We can help minimize your tax burden and enhance the value of your assets. Call Us Today at (214) 368-5566

Why Use a Tax Consultant?

There are many good reasons you should consider thoroughly evaluating your personal property assessments. There are many reduction opportunities available to taxpayers that could result in significant improvement to your company’s bottom line.