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Superior Ad Valorem Tax Consultants

CMI assumes responsibility for the entire appeal process, including strategic planning, research, case preparation, expert witness testimony, litigation support and all communication with assessors, appeal boards and courts.

We file all assessment appeals, prepare the required documentation, negotiate value settlements, and – as necessary – attend formal board hearings to appeal excessive or unequal property valuations.

CMI-ServicesOur Property Tax Consulting Services Include:

  • Perform property inspection and interview property management personnel
  • Review internal property records to determine the appropriateness of assessment
  • Determine valuation methodology used by assessor to establish the current value
  • File all necessary renditions and appeals with appraisal districts and appraisal review boards
  • Present appeal to district officials informally then formally to appeal boards, if necessary
  • Report results of appeal efforts and advise on feasibility of pursuing further legal remedies
  • Provide tax savings report and current tax estimates for budgeting purposes
  • Audit and approve tax statements for timely and correct payments
  • Provide litigation support, including research and expert witness testimony

Are Property Taxes Eroding Your Profits?

Property taxes have become one of the most significant factors affecting the profitability, operations, marketing and ultimately, the value of commercial real estate and business personal property. In fact, property taxes are the largest expense item.
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Why Use a Tax Consultant?

There are many good reasons you should consider thoroughly evaluating your property tax assessments. There are many reduction opportunities available to taxpayers that could result in significant improvement to your company’s bottom line.